George Washington Papers, Series 5

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George Washington Papers, Series 5


George Washington's General Ledger and Financial Papers from 1772-1750


This is an image from George Washington’s account book from 1750-1772. The extremely detailed ledger of George Washington highlights how and where his money and time was spent. In this case, it shows in 1762, Washington had a, “Tavern Expense in Williamsburg” to a Mrs. Campbell. This is the same Mrs. Campbell Thomas Jefferson boarded with too. Mrs. Campbell is a successful Tavern owner in a prominent town of Williamsburg. According to a secondary source, George Washington visited Campbell’s Tavern on 10 occasions. It would be helpful to my research to be able to present those ten visits and payments through more primary sources of Washington’s Ledger. This page of George Washington’s Financial Papers covers items from tavern expenses to rent payments. The Library of Congress stores and preserves the Financial Papers of George Washington. The document is digitized for online use.


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George Washington, “George Washington Papers, Series 5,” Mason's Legacies, accessed September 24, 2021,

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