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Here is the chronology and history of the terminology 'white negro.' This chronology adds into the complicated nature of early American classification of "races."

This rendition of Sally Hemings is a staunch reminder that she was hidden and forgotten for many year by historians and Americans alike have ignored her story, but in recent years her place has finally been accepted by both alike.

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This definition and history of the word "Negro" allows for historians to really understand how people in different time periods referred to things. How we referred to things today is not the same as to how they talked about them in the seventeenā€¦

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Here is what archaeologists believe to be Sally Hemings home. From the Fire place to the brick walls her life was characterized by her lack of freedom. Because her life was covered up there is little known about her character or how this may haveā€¦
The beautiful side of Monticello hides a stark reality for many slaves. Here slaves worked for hours and years. Sally Hemings lived here for her whole life.

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In this passage Higginson describes the results of the 1860 election and the context around who had agency to make any change in the country at the time.

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In this passage, the author explains the causes of the American Civil War.

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Here the author describes the institution of slavery as an undesirable one.

Lee describes the issue of slavery as it relates to the Civil War and the Union antebellum.
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