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  • Collection: Reston Black Focus community outreach and role in planned cities.

Human Rights.pdf
Reston Times and Globe Newspaper talking about Human rights and issues of discrimination in Northern Virginia. The newspaper collection was done by Reston Black Focus showing their invested interest in Human in Reston VA.

Jesse Jackson as a speaker for Reston Black Focus.pdf
The involvement of a recognizable figure from the civil rights movement in the Reston Black Focus event shows the reach and legitimacy of the organization when it comes to the project of integration in the "New Towns"

Reston Black Focus sponsoring the promotion of black culture to the youth both white and black in order to better cultural integration in Northern Virginia by a celebration of Black culture and a invitation of white youths

The general ideals behind the movement of Reston Black Focus and how they publicly advertised themselves to the Reston Black community. It also makes a statement to why the "New Town" project required the attention and supervision of a African…

Reston Black Focus News Article with Elias Blake Quote part1.png
The Black Culture festival being focused on by the Reston time with a lengthy and notable quote from Reston Black Focuses President Elias Blake. Elias Blake was the very outspoken leader of the Organization and this article gives his perspective on…

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 5.45.14 PM.png
Newspaper/periodical from Reston times a local News organization.

Reston Black Focus Goals.pdf
A paper document commissioned by Reston Black Focus to outline their guidelines as a organization.

Reston Focus By-Laws.pdf
A formal paper document made by Reston Black Focus Inc. as their public declaration of membership requirements and purpose of the organization.

Reston Black Focus Add.png
A simple Newspaper add.

Spotlight on Black Focus.pdf
A News article on Reston Black Focus and its events by the Reston Tribune.
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