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This section of the index shows some of the differences in and specifics of the law of slaves, servants, and citizens.

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This definition and history of the word "Negro" allows for historians to really understand how people in different time periods referred to things. How we referred to things today is not the same as to how they talked about them in the seventeen…

Short statement published in a Loudoun newspaper on the Waterford community's intention to found an organization to "ameliorate the conditions of blacks" in the county

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Here is the chronology and history of the terminology 'white negro.' This chronology adds into the complicated nature of early American classification of "races."

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One of 12 in a series, Carl Nebel depicted the war that occurred at Palo Alto, which immediately followed the Thornton Affair in which Lieutenant Mason was killed.

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The first half of a 1778 bill written by George Mason. The bill allows citizens to legally be inoculated for smallpox. However, the bill includes rules for inoculation, such as where inoculations can take place and when a person can leave their home…

The first page of a pamphlet written by James Kilpatrick to Doctor Thomas Dale in 1739 describes the necessity of inoculation for the health of the colony. Seen in Charleston, SC.

A book that breaks up the history of Midwifery into a timeline of events.

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