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list of camps in Virginia which goes with the page talking about camps in Virginia

Photograph of the newly named president of George Mason University, Vergil H. Dykstra (center), addressing the George Mason University community and the media, April 3, 1973 in Finley Hall. On the right is former president, Lorin A. Thompson, while…

NVA Businessman George Mason.pdf
An article from The Washington Post, March 10, 1984, reporting Robinson's $5 million donation to GMU, which would be used to start the Robinson Professors Program.

A page from A. G. Roeber's "Faithful Magistrates and Republican Lawyers: Creators of Virginia Legal Culture, 1680-1810" showing a diagram of the legal system in Virginia from 1705 to 1810.

This was an advertisement used to promote the festival and show to people what the festival would look like.

Randolph's home in 2016, rebuilt and restored to its original Palladio-inspired design on Riverside Drive on the James River.

A lozenge shaped mourning ring made of gold, dating c. 1773. The shank is plain, with wide shoulders coming in to the lozenge shaped head. The rim of the head is gold with an engraved arch pattern. The face is covered by glass, under which is a…

McCarty's tombstone.PNG
A reprint of a Times-Mirror article in the Gunston Hall quarterly newsletter.

Passage where the author mentions/describes Lincoln's first inaugural.
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