The Mason's Legacies repository is an ongoing project which seeks to collect and share stories about George Mason the Mason family and the people they associated with in the region. The site contains items and exhibits added by students as part of the Honors Class HNRS 353: Mason's Legacies and other relevant courses. The site also will have a series of essays and other exhibits prepared by invited scholars. It is overseen by an advisory board which consists of the following scholars:

Recently Added Items

"white Negro" OED definition

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Here is the chronology and history of the terminology 'white negro.' This chronology adds into the complicated nature of early American classification…

Sally Hemings


This rendition of Sally Hemings is a staunch reminder that she was hidden and forgotten for many year by historians and Americans alike have ignored…

"Negro" OED definition

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This definition and history of the word "Negro" allows for historians to really understand how people in different time periods referred to things.…