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George W. Johnson, George Mason University's Most Renowned President

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George Mason University's Johnson Center, named after George W. Johnson, a notable president in the development of the institute, is looked at in terms of his accomplishments, as well as his overall impact on the genereal atmosphere of campus life. 

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The Founding of GMU


George Mason University was not always George Mason University. It was originally a part of The University of Virginia. In 1972 George Mason College, as it was known then, separated from The University of Virginia and became George Mason University. The main questions I had with this was: who was involved in the GMC seperation from UVA and why was it necessary?

I first dive into the current socio/political climate and it's effects on education during the time of The Seperation. See The Current Climate for more information.

I will then talk about the details of The Seperation and will also touch upon the student's reaction to the news. See The Seperation for more information.

From my research I found that during the first six years of GMU, the university witnessed three different presidents. See The First Three for more information.

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