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Thomas Clarkson.pdf
In this written statement, Thomas Clarkson, an English abolitionist, spoke about the Haitian revolution and the viewpoint of the English abolitionist group on the event. Thomas Clarkson denies any participation by the English abolitionist movement in…

This letter was written to President Thomas Jefferson by the leader of Haiti, Jean Jacques Dessalines.

French Assembly.pdf
This is a transcription of a speech made to the French assembly in Paris, 1792. The purpose of the speech was to inform the French assembly about the revolts taking place in Haiti and ask for support to the local St. Domingue government to put down…

This letter is written by Thomas Jefferson in 1803 to John Page. Within the letter Jefferson discusses a plan to send freed slaves to Sierra Leone following the end of the Haitian Revolution. Jefferson also discusses the implications that the…

Island Map.jpg
Created by Moreau de Saint Méry in 1976, likely in Paris, France. This is one of the most detailed maps of St. Domingue island drafted before the beginning of the revolution.
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