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Illustration of Dr. J Marion Sims with a black patient, most likely enslaved.

Randolph's home in 2016, rebuilt and restored to its original Palladio-inspired design on Riverside Drive on the James River.

McCarty's tombstone.PNG
A reprint of a Times-Mirror article in the Gunston Hall quarterly newsletter.

Passage where the author mentions/describes Lincoln's first inaugural.

A book describing some of the tools and processes used by midwives and nurses during the Colonial Period.

A reader of the Virginia Gazette sent a letter to the printer, a copy of a letter sent from a clergyman to a King’s Attorney. In it, the clergyman opposes the opening of any new Ordinaries in the county, complaining about cards, dice, horse-racing,…

Photograph of a portrait of John Brown created between 1846 and 1847

A book detailing the many roles women have obtained as well as what was thought of these women during the colonial period of the United States.

Bathsheba Crane describes the town of Westminster, Vermont. She extols the virtues of Vermont and its people, as well as its beautiful landscape. She also describes the old Tory Tavern in romantic terms, describing its elegance and beauty, as well as…

Join, or Die engraving attributed to Benjamin Franklin, from his Pennsylvania Gazette, dated May 9 1754. Considered one of the first political cartoons in America. Created to support the British colonies of America during the French and Indian War;…
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